About BMBC

Birmingham Muslim Burial Council (BMBC)

BMBC was formed in 2009 after recognising a range of issues faced by multi-faith communities during bereavement. The organisation has been setup with members from professional bodies including, Doctors, Professionals from local hospitals, Lawyers and members from community liaison groups.


BMBC has good working relations with all the major hospitals in Birmingham and has worked very closely with health trusts in reviewing Rapid Release policies to cater for the requirements of multi-faith communities. BMBC has formed links throughout Birmingham with local organisations, funeral directors, religious groups and community representatives.

We have also developed links with other related authorities involved in the bereavement process, such as the Birmingham Register office. We have highlighted the need of the Multi-faith communities for the registration process and this has resulted in positive outcomes.


* One voice for the Muslim community in dealing with burial issues with statutory bodies and health trusts.

* Improve services and relationships between the community, Doctors, HM Coroner and other related organisations.

* Relieve the bereaved family of anxiety and stressful aspects of burying their loved ones, by providing clear advice and support.

* Pursue Rapid Release of deceased when appropriate.

* Lobby and represent issues that arise from the community regarding bereavement, to the relevant public service providers.

* Reduce large volume of enquiries, preventing further delays in certification.

* Assist in the development of local policies around bereavement.

How we can help you

BMBC provides advisory support and has produced a comprehensive guide for the public, providing step-by-step instructions and contact details, for dealing with deaths at home and the hospital. This is available via our website and can be requested.

If you have any questions or require information about the processes, please feel free to contact us. Please note we do not conduct funerals.