Birmingham City Council and BMBC Officials

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is in good health and enjoying the excellent warm weather we have been having recently.

Just to update everyone on the few issues we discussed in the last meeting.

Following on from the meeting between Birmingham City Council Officials and BMBC officials on 3rd March, 2016 at the Council House, one of the issues BMBC raised was staffing issues at the Coroner Office. We were promised by the cabinet minister for Bereavement Services Councillor Tahir Ali that he would put forward to the Chamber of the Council to approve 2 more staff to be added to the existing staff at the Coroner Office to help alleviate the delays in processing cases due to limited staffing. This was further mentioned by Gulam (BMBC) at the Faith Advocacy meeting on  8th March, 2016, at City Hospital.

BMBC are please to inform you that the 2 extra staff positions have been approved by the City Council Cabinet and the Coroner Louise Hunt has also approved of the 2 new additions to her existing staff.

BMBC would like to thank All the people who helped achieve this outcome including the officers from our local MP’s Shabana Mahmood and Liam Byrne. We hope we can All continue to work together for the betterment of the Birmingham residents and officials in the future. (check link below)


BMBC officials met Mr Darren Brown (Head of Business) from iGene on Thursday 26th May 2016 following the Extraordinary Meeting of all the officials at Heartlands Hospital on Tuesday 10th May 2016.

Mr Brown has promised BMBC the MRI/CT Scan with the option of Angiography would be made available at the Sandwell Site by the end of July 2016. At present all the software has been purchased and some staff have already been trained to work with the Angiography process, iGene have also purchased a new central server which will be installed in Leeds to facilitate the process and will be accessible to all the iGene pathologist in the country to share the reports and view cases from each site. BMBC will follow up on the progress and update everyone in due course.

Hope this information will help us All plan ahead for the future.

Thank you all.

Gulam Teladia
Birmingham Muslim Burial Council