Digital Imaging Facility in Sandwell to close after Ramadhan 2018

Digital Imaging Facility in Sandwell to close after Ramadhan 2018. (This is currently the only alternative to invasive post-mortems in the Midlands).

It’s come to our attention that iGene will be closing their operation at Sandwell.

iGene have been providing an alternative to the existing invasive post-mortem, as a primary intervention since 2014. Their scanners have enabled the cause of death to be established in the most dignified method currently available, through the use of technology avoiding invasive post mortem examination of our deceased.

The results are also available quickly, which has helped bereaved families preventing delays in the burial process.

However, we understand the local authorities are refusing to support the centre with longer term contracts. It is thought that iGene have attempted to continue discussions to ensure that the site remains open, including a short term agreement, until a permanent solution can be found but the local authorities will not enter into further negotiations to reach an amicable agreement.

Therefore the centre is planned to close on the 2nd July 2018.

Please discuss with your local Councillors & member of parliament in your areas and inform your local contacts of this very important issue facing our community. We need your support to keep this facility open for the benefit of all the residents in the Midlands. Especially residents of Walsall, Dudley,Wolverhampton  & the Black Country.